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Mid-Pacific robotics earns three awards at FRC

Posted on April 18, 2017 by Scot Allen


Sporting a stylish steam punk-theme design, Mid-Pacific FRC team 6704 experienced success at the recent First Robotics Competition at the University of Hawaiʻi's Stan Sheriff Center. The Mid-Pacific team earned three awards and a berth in the FRC championships in Texas.

After the qualification rounds, The Mid-Pacific team was selected as part of the #8 alliance, facing off against the #1 seed in a best 2-out-of-3 round. The team ultimately lost this round (2-0) but the team was rewarded at the awards ceremony, winning three awards.


Mid-Pacific was honored with the Imagery Award in recognition of its uniforms, booth design, and robot. "We were all in sync and looked amazing," said Chief Innovation Officer Brian Dote. "What an amazing day!"

The Mid-Pacific FRC robotics team also won the Friends of Hawaii Robotics Excellence Award as well as the Rookie All-Star Award, a prestigious award that comes with a berth in the FRC Championships in Houston, Texas. "It's the equivalent of a world championship, as there will be teams from all over the globe in attendance," Dote noted.

"Robotics competitions can be explained, but until you experience these events first-hand, you just don't get a sense of the excitement and drama," Dote said. "These kids are doing amazing things. They've truly earned every accolade they received this year, and they've received a lot! Weyland Bailey has done an amazing job and deserves a huge shout out as well. They wouldn't be where they are today without his leadership, experience, and coaching."

Zion Shepherd (12th)
Hamza Abdul-Ghani (11th)
Skyler Sybounmy (10th)
Tom Lyu (9th)
Esther Gracie (9th)
Anthony Umemoto (9th)
Kaitlyn Dote (7th)

Kalani Sanidad
Brendan Baker
Tyron Hamamoto

Weyland Bailey