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It's all about energy

Posted on April 28, 2017 by Scot Allen

Our MPX 10 students were blessed to have a visit from a Mid-Pacific alumnus Yoh Kawanami '97. Koh reached out to the school through his work with Hawaiian Electric and in particular with his interest in sustainability, resource management, and global interdependence in Japan and Asia. He agreed to come and meet the students, and gave us a presentation on energy sustainability with an emphasis on the challenges and Hawaiian Electric's work to move towards better resource management and the eventual goal of energy interdependence by 2045. Over the course of his talk with the students he shared his pathway after leaving Mid-Pacific, going to the University of Washington, and then to Duke before relocating to the islands to do work in Department of Defense, and engineering resource management. The students were very appreciative of him sharing his knowledge and passion around this topic and our hope is to continue to connect to the work he is doing in the community. -- Mark Hines