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Social Movements and Human Rights

Posted on February 25, 2017 by Scot Allen

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Students in World Civilization shared their views on current human rights violations through their choice of creative expression. Pieces included spoken word promoting freedom of thought, a protest sign denouncing women's rights violations, depictions of children without access to education, and an orchestra composition eliciting the fears and sorrows of refugees.

In addition to their creative work, students wrote background information for their piece. They described a situation where these rights violations are taking place based on academic research. They also reflected on the intended audience for their work and the emotions and attitudes they were expressing or hoping to evoke.

Class themes included Syrian refugees and children's rights. It is fitting that the students are interested in these topics because we will be doing a unit on the Syrian refugee crisis later this semester that will connect us to classrooms in the Middle East and introduce us to Syrian refugees via telecast.