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"La Chandeleur"

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Posted on February 23, 2017 by Scot Allen

In honor of "La Chandeleur" (Candlemas to Catholics, Imbolc to Celtic Pagans) on Feburary 2, French students presented on the history, symbols and traditions of La Chandeleur while making crêpes-a time-honored Chandeleur tradition.

We learned about many aspects of the holiday, why and how it used to be celebrated, and how people celebrate it today-mostly by making crêpes because they look like the sun which people were really hoping would come back after a long winter, and the best tradition is to hold gold and/or a coin in your dominant hand while flipping your own crêpe using your non-dominant hand. We are proud to report that every single French student who undertook this task was able to flip their crêpe successfully and will therefore have good luck and prosperity this year!

France is a traditionally Catholic and extremely agricultural country, and while over time both of those are less true, many ancient customs still find their way into the modern lives of French and Francophone people. So félicitations to French 3! PS-We did not have time to discuss whether the nutella crêpe is historically part of a French Catholic farmer's lifestyle, but we are incredibly grateful for it to be a part of ours... If your mouth is watering, feel free to stop by A302 on Mardi Gras (Feb28) for more crêpes; the French don't eat them on Fat Tuesday, but their cousins in Louisiana sure do! -- Laura Blancq