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A delicious way to integrate math, english, and physical education

Posted on January 9, 2017 by Scot Allen

Before the 2016 holiday break, 6th grade students were asked to envision themselves as food connoisseurs with a goal of constructing a literary food magazine. After gathering information about how advertising plays a big role in how a magazine thrives based on showcasing products from different companies, they were asked to visit their favorite restaurant to act as food critics. Through observations, each student was able to focus on the exterior and interior of their restaurant, the service, the food and presentation, and their overall experience of their favorite eatery. This allowed them to critically evaluate the restaurant they usually frequent the most.

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By integrating math, english, and physical education, students returned to the class with their gathered notes. They then combined the skills learned in math (tax and ratings), english (descriptive writing and advertising), and physical education (a balanced food plate), compiled their information, inserted their magazine ads, and constructed their Food Critic Magazine as a group.

"I thought it was interesting and definitely different from what we normally do. I also thought it was from a different perspective from the customer and server" - Zachary Orr

"I learned exactly what food critics do."
-- Quinn Gilman

"I thought it was really cool because I got to learn about what food critics do; it is actually a life skill to observe your experiences."
-- Maya Tokioka

"I learned that before I would just eat at the restaurant and I now I actually know how to tip and look at tax."
-- Tyler Leong