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Campus Community Service Project

Posted on October 7, 2016 by Heidi Bow

The Mid-Pacific Institute Alumni Association (MPIAA) organized a campus service project on Saturday morning, October 15, 2016 at 8:00 AM. Alumni volunteers along with their friends and family met in Atherton Parking Lot to help re-paint the black perimeter fence stretching from the Atherton parking lot to the top of Kamanele Park. The volunteers agreed that it was a great opportunity to work together as an alumni community and also give back to Mid-Pacific. Everyone had a fun time getting to know each other while working in their small groups. One of our hard-working volunteers even brought his own speaker so everyone could enjoy music while working. After the hard work was done, everyone enjoyed ono plate lunches provided by the MPIAA. Be on the lookout for more geat opportunities like this, to re-engage with your alma mater!