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Effects of Colonization on Native Hawaiians

Posted on September 19, 2016 by Scot Allen

Dr. Frank Bailey, Assistant Professor of History and Faculty Advisor for the Hawaiian Studies Program at Chaminade University, visited with 10th grade US History classes and Hawaiian Studies students on August 29.

Dr. Bailey spoke about the clash of cultures between Hawaiian concepts of governance; community, property, and wealth are often times in direct opposition to corresponding Western concepts. This fits in well with the investigation of our history themes "Encounter, Explore, and Exchange and the Effects of Colonization," says History Teacher Lou Majchrzak.

Dr. Bailey impressed on our students his assertion "what foreigners believe to be the morally right thing to do ... seems to be in direct conflict with what Native Hawaiians believe is the right thing to do... which leads to many of the issues that modern Native Hawaiians are dealing with today."

Here are some Mid-Pacific student reactions to the presentation:

"He made me think differently about the exploration of the Pacific Islands. I think his presentation tied in well with the book that we're reading, A Young People's History, because he showed both sides of the colonization..."

"My main takeaway from Dr. Bailey's speech was that native Hawaiian's were much more self sustaining than we are today."

"Queen Ka'ahumanu is a true role model for not just me, but for many people. We can look up to her and what she did because it shows that women have power and we are capable of many, many things."

-- Lou Majchrzak