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13th Annual Olelo Xchange Student Video Competition

Posted on May 5, 2016 by Scot Allen

The Mid-Pacific Middle School Team of Ethan Kitamura, Peyton Ku, Caylina Lindbo and Nicole Wong captured top prize at the 13th Annual Olelo Xchange Student Video Competition recently.

In the Be A Jerk category, these 8th graders came up with a project that enhanced the message of discouraging adults to give alcohol to underage children. They told the story of a local hobo (played by 8th grade dean Val Espania) who would do anything for money, except buy alcohol for children.

Mid-Pacific also had a second finalist team of Nicole Gentry, Kimberly Oshiro and Hikari Son in the Forest Health in Hawaii category. Congratulations to these 8th grade girls as well as they captured second place in their division.

The Olelo Youth Xchange Student Video Competition is the largest statewide video competition. This year there were 909 videos submitted statewide. The top prize winners in each category received digital video cameras for their school's media and technology programs.