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Let Me Tell You What Peace Can Bring

Posted on February 18, 2016 by Scot Allen


Students of Kathy Wheeler had their work published by the Poet Laureate of the United States, Juan Felipe Herrera.

As part of his tenure as Poet Laureate, Juan Felipe Herrera began a project called La Casa de Colores. La Casa de Colores, or "the House of Colors," is a house for all voices. As he writes: "In this house we will feed the hearth and heart of our communities with creativity and imagination. And we will stand together in times of struggle and joy."

One part of the project is La Familia (The Family), which is an opportunity for anyone to contribute to an epic poem of all our voices and styles and experiences that will run the span of his Laureateship. By contributing to La Familia, the people will be part of his family--and all our words will be seen and our voices be heard, throughout the nation and beyond.

Students in The Written Voice submitted entries for consideration in January, when the theme was "What can peace bring?" Entries from nine members from the Class of 2017 were selected and are now part of the fabric of the epic poem Herrera is working on for this year. The entire poem on peace can be found at the Library of Congress site.

These are the offerings Poet Laureate Herrera chose for inclusion in his poem:

Peace is a ripened fruit glistening in the sunlight hanging on a branch out of your reach. Peace is a steaming warm bowl of soup with an aroma of sweet flavor seducing you, but at times peace lures its prey and smells of rust and is stained with blood. (Ariya Aono)

Peace brings a gentle breeze to an open field, swaying the grass to waltz music. It gives you just-bloomed baby blue and tutu pink carnations because your heart is smiling. Peace brings smooth pebbles to skip across an infinite lake. (Kerri-Ann Kamei)

The sun tip-toed up from the horizon, streams of light dance through the sky, sending life to a new day. The dark night flutters away, warmth kisses your skin with fresh lavender. Heart pumps slow, subtle, sending your body and mind to life. (Kaya McTigue)

Peace can bring the feeling of soft feathers gracefully landing on your skin after watching white doves dance their last song to the season of life. (Carmen Kaichi)

A breath of relief when you finally reach air after being underwater. A big field of tall green grass that one may collapse in. Warm sunrays glowing down upon your skin. Peace wears a long pastel dress adorned with gold emblems. (Lauren Bloom)

Peace is a
Warm lavender bath
Chocolate ice cream and "The Notebook"
Slipping your heels off
Laughing with someone you love
A homecooked meal
Clean, warm, sheets
Hot coffee on a cold morning
Blue as an untouched lake
Peace is a full heart
(Lauren Beury)

Peace is the air you breathe.
It is the wind in your lungs escaping as a sigh as smooth as silk,
Knowing all is safe and sound.
It is the soft yellow of the afternoon and its warmth
Wrapping around shaken souls until they shake no more.
Peace holds.
(Mia DeLara)

A subtle grin is glued to your face, your body soothed by acceptance and tranquility. The smell of nature fills your nose as the sunrays gently warm your skin. Your body is filled with peace and serenity. (Amber Williams-Aduja)

Peace can bring closure
Peace can bring light
Peace can bring a smile to a storm
Peace can soften the hardest of stone
Peace can turn the deepest of hardships into shallow ponds
Peace is lying on your dying bed and having no more to say
(Harley Simon)