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Exploring Fireworks

Posted on February 18, 2016 by Scot Allen

Students in Mrs. Roley's class explored the concepts behind fireworks. Various metal salts produces a distinctive color glow. This lab was part of the unit on wavelength and frequency which is following on the heels of atomic structure. The Bohr model of the atom showed students how elections occupy energy levels. This lab shows how energy can be released as light energy.

"It was fun to see the whole spectrum of colors. I'd like to mix the metal salts and see what happens next," said Sam Zuern.


Photo (left to right): Megan Ho and Morgan Ohashi testing Barium Chloride; Radhika Schultz, Mikayla Heinrich-Wong and Mariah Walton begin their testing; Brandon Nakamura and Earl Phillips testing Strontium Chloride.