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local elected officials speak to students

Posted on December 14, 2015 by Scot Allen

Our IB Global Politics students are learning how politics at the local, national, and global levels affect their lives. Students wrote letters to their local elected officials and invited them to speak to our students. Mayor Kirk Caldwell, Senator Brian Taniguchi, and Senator Sam Slom joined our students during lunchtime chats to discuss the election process, issues facing Hawaii, and how students can impact politics. Students will watch our government in action in the spring during a visit to the 2016 legislative session at the Hawaii State Capitol. -- Suzanne Acord, PhD

Our juniors share:

Wendy Mun: "People have different ideas, but the same goal."

Kaimi Haas: "I find it fascinating to experience how our government's representatives are so diverse, not only in their political ideas, but in their backgrounds, opinions, and personalities."