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Advanced Design Thinking Class

Posted on October 20, 2015 by Scot Allen

Students in Leilani Sills' Advanced Design Thinking class showcased their learning on broadcast television twice this school year. The students applied their knowledge of 3-D scanners to scan the news anchors of the show early in the semester.

The students had the opportunity to present the final 3-D Model to the anchors on the "Sunrise Show" on Monday, Oct. 19. Along with presenting the models to the news anchors, they also had the opportunity to share a few of the projects they are currently working on in class, including a 3-D prosthetic arm.

Mid-Pacific Middle School students are shown with Steve Uyehara on Hawaii News Now "Sunrise" showcasing the school's reality computing program. The color 3-D prints are from student iPad ‪#‎Structure‬ scans of Grace and Steve. Dennis Hirota of Sam Hirota Inc., provided the cutting-edge 3-D color prints made from more than 1,000 sheets of paper. Congratulations to Teachers Kevin Tokuda, Leilani Sills and their awesome students!