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"Anime Alice"

Posted on September 19, 2015 by Scot Allen

The students of Japanese 2 went to see "Anime Alice" at the Tenney Theater.  Before the play, the students learned some cultural aspects and vocabulary. Afterwards, they wrote a Review to the Honolulu Theatre for Youth as well as a composition about the field-trip.
Anime Alice is a Japanese version of Alice in Wonderland... with a twist. When Alice falls down the rabbit hole she ends up in Japan, where she learns much about the Japanese language and culture and useful expressions for survival.
The stage, costumes, musical instruments and dance are a unique mix of traditional imperial court theater, medieval, folk blended with very modern components of  "anime".  Anime Alice was written by Alvin Chang, a Mid-Pacific Alumnus, Class of 2000.  Chang was also one of the performers.