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Athletic Awards 2015

The evening also honored George Okihiro '47 and Janel Ikeda '94, who were inducted into the 2015 M Club Athletic Hall of Fame.

Posted on May 28, 2015 by Scot Allen

By Jolyn Okimoto Rosa

On May 21, 2015, Mid-Pacific held its annual Athletic Awards banquet. The event began with the announcement of student awards at a full-to-capacity Bakken Auditorium, followed by a prime rib buffet at Scudder Dining Hall.


The evening also honored George Okihiro '47 and Janel Ikeda '94, who were inducted into the 2015 M Club Athletic Hall of Fame.

The "Green & White Award" is presented to the underclass Varsity Boy and Girl Athlete who is self-motivated and displays outstanding hustle, effort and attitude.

The female athlete for this award is Kaya McTigue, a sopohomore. She was the MVP for Kayaking, and also competed in Swimming and Water Polo. Her swim coach, Kaz Yoshiwara, says, "Kaya is an outstanding competitor. With one of the best attitudes on the team, she turns obstacles in to achievements and does not allow herself to quit."

The male athlete for the Green & White Award is Ethan Jung, a junior, who also was the MVP in both Kayaking and Canoe Paddling. His paddling coach, Sara McKay-Hines, described him this way: "Every team needs that athlete who is always 'on,' someone who works harder than everyone else, and who inspires others to work just as hard, and somehow makes it fun to push yourself past your limits. Ethan Jung is that athlete."

The "Most Inspirational Athlete" is presented to a Varsity Boy and Girl Athlete who shows outstanding determination, inspiration and leadership ability.

The female athlete in this category is Kayla Watanabe, a senior, who was an integral part of the soccer team. Shailesh Mehta, her coach says, "As captain, throughout the season, Kayla was always ready to lead the charge ahead of every practice and game. She is prepared and determined, and a true fighter on the field."

Andrew "Drew" Kargol, a senior, was the Most Inspirational male athlete. A three-sport athlete, Drew was MVP for Cross Country, and a three-year-letterman in both basketball and track and field. In the words of his cross country and track coach, Katie O'Neil: "Drew was so focused that I ended up having to make special 'Drew workouts' as the regular ones were too easy for him!" She adds, "It's also a special athlete who can both excel at his or her sport while also guiding many, many intermediate athletes. Drew does both of these things, and many 7th and 8th graders want to be the 'next Drew Kargol.'"

Ryan Hirata, Drew's basketball coach, has this to say: "Drew Kargol is one of the most coachable player I've ever had the opportunity to be around. His humble, respectful and hard-working personality brought a lot to our basketball program, and he will continue to be a success not only as an athlete, but more importantly as a student and person."

The "Scholar-Athlete Award" is presented to the Senior Boy and Girl athlete who combines scholastic excellence with outstanding athletic ability and participation.

State singles tennis champion Skyla Alcon is the female Scholar-Athlete. With a GPA of approximately 4.07, Skyla is a full International Baccalaureate Diploma student who won the state singles championship this year. She has signed to play tennis at California State University, Northridge. She also won the state doubles championship with Cori Cummins last year - the first state tennis championship in Mid-Pacific's history. Director of College Counseling Derrick Kang says: "Skyla is compassionate, caring, respectful and has strong problem solving skills. She always has a smile on her face, is hardworking, deserving and will continue to make a difference in the lives of those fortunate enough to meet her.

Aaron Kiyotoki is the male Scholar-Athlete. He competed in Swimming and Sailing and has an approximate GPA of 4.215 G.P.A. His college counselor Lei Haas says: "A full International Baccalaureate Diploma student, Aaron is a stellar scholar ... while excelling in his extra curricular activities. His personal accomplishment this year was setting a new record for our school's blood drive in the most donors in our school's history.

Aaron's former sailing coach, Charles Barclay, calls him smart, capable and coachable. Soon to be a USC Trojan, Aaron is a scholar, swimmer and sailor.

The "Most Outstanding Athlete" is presented to the Varsity Boy and Girl Athlete who in a sport or in several sports have achieved outstanding athletic performance.

In this category, there were two female honorees:

Lena Hayakawa, a senior, was the ILH Swimmer of the Year. Coach Kaz Yoshiwara says: "Lena is one of the most talented swimmers in the state. Her dedication to swimming shines through her most challenging races, and she can compete with the best swimmers in the state while swimming in her least favorite events."

Rebecca Walton, a senior, also played a big role on the Swimming team. Yoshiwara says, "Rebecca was our team's MVP this season. Her results speak for themselves. She quietly dominates her competition and can surprise her rivals with break-out swims in the biggest of races."

There were also two male honorees:

Tyler Allen, a junior, was a key player in the Mid-Pacific Soccer team that won the Division II State Championship. Coach Jayson Abe says, "Tyler has been a starter on the varsity soccer team since he was a freshman. Over the last three years, he went from a small but technically talented to one of the most physical, complete and dynamic players in the state. He scored 3 goals during the preseason including game-winners against Kealakehe and Kaiser. He also scored 7 goals during the ILH season and added another 4 during the state tournament for a total of 17 goals on the year."

Noah Shackles, a senior, is also a Most Outstanding Athlete in 2015. Coach Dunn Muramarua says: "Noah was voted as the MVP both in the ILH and for his team. He was a captain both his junior and senior years. As a leader, he made everyone around him better. He hit .355 and had 13 RBIs with one home run."

The "Owl Award" is presented to the Varsity Senior Boy or Girl who has achieved outstanding athletic performance; versatility and wide participation; leadership and inspiration; and has given maximum effort and total commitment to athletics.

Den Suehiro has been chosen for the Owl Award. A senior, Den was the MVP in both basketball and volleyball; he also competed in bowling, where he was praised by coaches for his attentiveness, humility and great attitude. Athletic Director Scott Wagner says, "Den is always early and eager for every practice to beging, he gives all that be can, he makes others around him better ... and he thanks the coaches for the lessons of the day." Wagner adds, "Den is one of those players that always seems to be in the right place at the right time, and performs well under the pressures of a big game."