Mid-Pacific Web Filter FAQ

As highlighted in our Technology Vision Statement, we believe that technology is not a discrete field of learning unto itself. Rather, technology is one of many "languages" students learn to use in their lives as they grow. Mid-Pacific leverages school-issued iPads as a core component of our educational technology framework in order to empower students with the technical experience and knowledge to be successful in a future yet to be determined.

Mid-Pacific utilizes on-campus web filtering on all of our campus desktops and laptops and student iPads. In addition, we have also incorporated web filtering on student iPads when used off campus through a service called Securly. More information about Securly can be found here: https://www.securly.com/

Securly requires students in Grade 5-12 to sign in using their school Gmail login credentials to access any website. Additionally, they will be prompted to re-enter their credentials after a period of inactivity of 8-12 hours. Students in Grades K-4 will not have to sign in for ease of use, however webfiltering is always enabled.

It is important to note that students should never share any of their login credentials with others. Doing so is a violation of the Acceptable Use Policy and could lead to disciplinary action.

How does Securly work?

Securly is a cloud based web filtering service that intercepts web traffic and determines if it should be filtered or passed back to the web browser. If the site a student is attempting to reach is in Securly's list of filtered sites, the site will be blocked. Securly also uses keyword scanning to filter searches through search engines and other sites.

What does Securly Filter?

  • Google, Bing and Yahoo Search and other search engines
  • YouTube
  • URL / Keywords
  • Blocks websites by inappropriate content categories
  • Blocks social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+, etc.
  • Blocks Instagram, Snapchat, Netflix and other iOS apps that block proxy services
  • Blocks streaming media for grades K-8

What doesn't Securly Filter?

  • Some iPad apps that are using other methods to access data other than the web.
  • Securly doesn't block malware, spyware or viruses.

Are grade levels filtered differently?
Yes. Elementary, Middle and High School have different levels of filtering.

Grades K-8 have more filtering than grades 9-12. Principals have the final decision on what gets filtered.

How do students use Securly?
In order for students to use the Safari app or any web browser on the iPad, they will need to log in with their Mid-Pacific Gmail username and password. Instructions are located here. Additionally, they will be prompted to re-enter their credentials after a period of inactivity for 8-12 hours. If students switch to a different network (example: from school wi-fi to home wi-fi) they will also need to re-enter their credentials.

Are students anonymous while using the iPad?
All websites that are browsed via the school issued iPad are tracked by the web filter and can be identified by user in most grade levels. Students should have no expectation of anonymity when searching or viewing websites using the school issued iPad.

Who has access to view my child's activity?
Technology staff have the ability to access this information but will only access specific student data by request from a Principal or Dean. Due to the volume of the data, the school is not able to provide parents with this information.

Can students bypass the web filter?
As mentioned in the Acceptable Use Policy, students should never use proxies or other means to bypass the filter or manually attempt to remove this setting on their Mid-Pacific issued iPad or any school owned device.

Are student personal devices connected to Mid-Pacific Institute's network also filtered?
Yes. Personal devices are filtered through the same campus internet filter that we use in our computer labs. Connecting to our campus network is a privilege and Mid-Pacific reserves the right to revoke access at any time.

What can I do when an app stops functioning. Can it be fixed?
Some apps require that students first launch Safari and then enter their credentials for Securly before they will function normally. If students switch to a different wi-fi network (example: from school wi-fi to home wi-fi) they will also need to re-enter their credentials.

Please note that there are some apps that will not function properly even if you are signed in to Securly due to a conflict with web filtering.

I've found a website that should be blocked. What can I do? How do I unblock a website?
If a student has an academic need for a website to be unblocked or if you've found a website that should be blocked please make the request to their teacher, Dean or Principal.

If you have further questions, please contact your respective Principals

High School Principal
Thomas McManus

Middle School Principal
Dr. Dwayne Priester

Preschool & Elementary Principal
Dr. Edna Hussey