Suspected case of mumps at Mid-Pacific

December 7, 2017 4:01 PM

Dear Mid-Pacific 'Ohana,

Today I received word of a suspected case of mumps at Mid-Pacific. Please refer to yesterday's notice regarding signs, symptoms and immunity requirements:

I urge you to contact your child's pediatrician to discuss a booster shot (outbreak dose) of the MMR vaccine. I also urge you to assess your own immunity and see if you are in need of a booster shot.

Pursuant to Hawaii Administrative Rules, Chapter 11-157 any child not immunized may need to be held out of school and all activities starting December 18 through the 30 if this case is confirmed. Non-immunized students may return to school sooner or avoid the exclusion altogether if they can show immunity through receiving an MMR vaccination or a titer (blood test showing immunity).

If your child develops symptoms of a mumps infection, keep them at home and contact your health care provider. Let them know you suspect mumps before bringing them to the doctor's office. If a mumps diagnosis is suspected or confirmed, please contact me so the school is aware as soon as possible.

For more information on mumps, visit the Hawaii Department of Health website at:

For questions, contact me at or 973-5120.


Lorena Gaskill RN MN

School Nurse

Mid Pacific Institute Middle School and High School