Mumps Notification

December 6, 2017 3:46 PM

Dear Mid Pacific 'Ohana:

A person at Mid Pacific has been confirmed with the mumps virus. The person participated in activities with a small group of students one day during the infectious period. All students who had close contact with this person have been informed.

According to Hawaii State Law (Hawaii Administrative Rules, Chapter 11-156), all students and staff who had close contact (e.g., within 3 feet) of the infected individual must be excluded (stay home from school) from December 11 through December 25 unless they meet one of the following criteria:

  • Born before 1957
  • Blood test showing they are immune to mumps or have had the disease
  • Written documentation of the mumps vaccination:
    • Students: 2 doses of MMR vaccine
      • Dose #1 At or after age 1 year
      • Dose #2 At least 4 weeks after dose #1)
    • Adults: 1 dose of MMR vaccine (at or after age 1 year)

Excluded students and staff may be readmitted immediately after they are vaccinated unless they have developed symptoms suggesting a mumps infection (e.g., fever, headache, and painful swelling of parotid glands - area of cheek just in front of ear on each side).

Mumps is spread through saliva or mucus from the mouth, nose, or throat of an infected person. An infected person can spread the virus by:

  • Coughing, sneezing, or talking
  • Sharing items, such as cups or eating utensils with others
  • Touching objects or surfaces with unwashed hands that are then touched by others

If you develop symptoms of a mumps infection, stay at home and contact your health care provider.

For more information on mumps, visit the Hawaii Department of Health website at:

For questions, contact Nurse Lory Gaskill at or 973-5120.