Educators visit from Chigasaki, Japan

November 21, 2017 1:50 PM

In perfect timing with International Education Week, three educators from Chigasaki City, Japan visited Mid-Pacific from November 15-17, 2017. The educators came after Honolulu Mayor Kirk Cadwell visited Chigasaski City, Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan in September to renew sister city ties established in 2014.

Mr. Chikaraishi, teacher's consultant from the Chigasaki Board of Education, Tsurugadai Junior High School teacher Mr. Kanzaki, and Matsunami Elementary School teacher Mr. Yagi came to Oahu to promote international exchange and learn about the education system in Hawaii. Many students and teachers were surprised to learn that Chigasaki makes their own aloha shirts as Japan's surfing capital. Chigasaki City embraces the aloha spirit as host to the World Invitational Hula Festival and council members wearing aloha shirts to assembly meetings.

Mr. Kanzaki shared a video that his students had made about Chigasaki and students discussed the differences in school life between Hawaii and Japan. Mr. Yagi introduced "Chigasaki karuta" a twist on the traditional Japanese card game, created by his students in English. While he read a poem, the students had to find the card with the illustration that matched the line of poetry.

They also met with various staff members to talk about different aspects of the school including the use of technology, teacher training, parent community association, athletics, learning support, and character education in order to learn how to increase the number of English classes and make improvements to the traditional Japanese teaching syle.