International Alum Speaker Series: Nijitoshi Nakajima '11

September 21, 2017 11:23 AM

More than twenty students gathered to Skype with Nijitoshi (Brian) Nakajima, 2011 Mid-Pacific alum from Kyoto, Japan. As a Mid-Pacific student, he played on the varsity volleyball and basketball team, and performed hula in Pupukahi. He graduated from the University of Miami School of Business Administration with a degree in International Marketing. Nijitoshi currently works in marketing at an artificial intelligence software company in Los Angeles.

It was a special treat for teachers and students to be able to communicate with Nijitoshi in real time and ask him questions such as "What advice do you have to get into the artificial intelligence field?" and "What is the most important lesson you learned in high school?". In return, Nijitoshi had a question for the students, "Why did you come to Mid-Pacific?". Some students shared that they came for a better education in English to go to a U.S. college, while others mentioned family reasons.

Nijitoshi highlighted the importance of defining a goal beyond Mid-Pacific, so that they could find the purpose of studying English and work towards that goal everyday. He also urged students to not be afraid to fail and try different things until they find their true passion.

For those students still struggling to discover their passion, it was eye-opening to hear an alum share about his experience changing his major from biology to marketing in college and pursuing a career that his parents did not expect. "Listening to Mr. Nakajima, it made me realize that I should pick colleges for what I want to study for myself, not just because my parents want me to go to that college," shared student Hina Yoshida '20.


Skyping with Nijitoshi Nakajima '11