Drop Offs and Access through University of Hawaii

September 10, 2017 7:45 AM

September 10, 2017

Dear Mid-Pacific Parents and Guardians:

This is an important memo regarding morning school drop offs on the University of Hawaii (UH) campus and access through the University of Hawaii campus.


The University has been gracious to allow Mid-Pacific parents and guardians to enter  the UH campus (free of charge) during peak morning traffic hours. This privilege has been a tremendous benefit to our Mid-Pacific community as it helps to alleviate on-campus congestion as well as provide convenient access to our campus by avoiding the University Avenue traffic. Unfortunately, the UH Security Office has brought to our attention that a number of students are being dropped off on Maile Way near the Mid-Pacific exit gate which has caused increased traffic concerns and hazards on the UH campus. Mid-Pacific does not authorize the Maile Way exit gate as a designated drop off area.


UH Security has observed vehicles dropping of Mid-Pacific students in the roadway and students jaywalking across Maile Way to access the Mid-Pacific campus. UH Security has also observed a Mid-Pacific student who struck a parked car with the passenger door while exiting the vehicle in the roadway on Maile Way.  


Furthermore, all UH campus stalls on Maile Way are reserved for UH permit holders. UH Security has observed vehicles parking in these reserved stalls to drop of Mid-Pacific students which has prevented UH permit holders from accessing their reserved stalls.


The University has asked Mid-Pacific to address both concerns 1) the unauthorized and hazardous drop offs in the Mid-Pacific Maile Way exit gate area and 2) non-permitted parking in reserved stalls along Maile Way. Once again, Mid-Pacific does not authorize the Maile Way exit gate as a designated drop off area.


Along with your kokua, Mid-Pacific Security will do their best to work jointly with UH Security to remedy these issues and concerns as soon as possible. Our hope is to avoid possible UH fees charged to Mid-Pacific parents and guardians for access through the UH campus during peak morning traffic hours.


We appreciate your understanding and cooperation regarding these traffic and safety concerns.  Let’s work together to ensure the safety of our students. Please do not hesitate to call me at (808) 441-3760 or email me at mfontana-kwon@midpac.edu if you have any questions or concerns.


Martha Fontana-Kwon

Director of Safety and Security