Visitors from Sakai Town, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan

August 28, 2017 8:27 AM

Tomoyo Waki and Narumi Kaneda from Sakai Town in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan visited Mid-Pacific Institute on August 23rd as part of an educational program organized by the Junior Chamber International in Sakai Town. Sakai Town is known for its strong connections with Honolulu, which includes sponsorship of fireworks show and educational programming with Hawaii.

The girls met with current Mid-Pacific students from Japan, Waka Marubayashi and Riko Tsuchihashi to learn more about studying abroad in the U.S. They were surprised to learn about the different school rules and policies from those in Japan, and compared the graduation requirements, Dress code, homework, and teaching styles in each country.

For 10th grader Waka, it gave her a moment to reflect on her own experience at Mid-Pacific. She wrote, "By sharing stories with the girls who are now studying English and looking forward to studying abroad in the future, it made me rethink what I have accomplished and learned at Mid-Pacific. It also made me think that learning in this environment is a very precious experience so I have to use this environment to improve myself more."

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Mid-Pacific students (on left) and Sakai Town visiting students (on right)