2nd Mid-Pacific & Waseda Jitsugyo Summer Program

August 1, 2017 12:47 PM

The second Mid-Pacific & Waseda Jitsugyo Summer Program started on July 27th with 11 first to third grade students from Waseda Jitsugyo, Mid-Pacific's partner school in Japan. There were three returning students and one of them even brought with him the ukulele that he had bought last year for the one-week student program featuring lessons in English language development, theatre, ukulele music, and a fun daily activity.

This year, the program was held earlier, in conjunction with Mid-Pacific's summer extended learning camp program. By going to the Makapu'u tide pools and Aiea Bowl together with the local students, the Waseda Jitsugyo students were able to practice new words and phrases like "What is this? How do you play? Why do you like that?", and learn how to interact in a new environment.

The students were able to continue their learning through afternoon activities and classes, which included Physical Education, Science, Technology, and Art. It was the first time for the Japanese students to experience a silent disco party, and their parents were impressed at how quickly they were able to catch on to the English commands and guess the names of Disney theme songs.

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