3rd International Student Scavenger Hunt

August 14, 2017 1:54 PM

In collaboration with the school library, the ELD department ran its first library scavenger hunt for the new ELD students to help them get accustomed to the library system in the U.S on August 10th. The ELD students enjoyed learning hands-on where and how to find books, magazines, and digital media for class.

After the library scavenger hunt, students were divided into five groups for a campus scavenger hunt with local student Global Ambassadors. Team leaders helped guide the new students to different locations on campus, and the teams could be seen running around campus, working together helping them complete tasks such as "Take a team selfie in front of a building that starts with K" or "Take a photo of the team spelling out the letter M next to the M on the lawn".

From learning about their new school to making new local friends, it was amazing to see how much the international students accomplished in one day. The memories and bonds they created is only a start and will hopefully continue to develop throughout the school year.

View photos here: https://www.instagram.com/intl_student_coordinator/