Class of 2017 Graduation, May 27 5:00 p.m.

May 16, 2017 2:29 PM

Graduation Frequently Asked Questions

When is Graduation?

• The Graduation Ceremony will be held on Saturday, May 27 at 5:00 p.m. on campus. The ceremony normally lasts about an hour and a half.

Where can I park for Graduation?

• Only vehicles with a graduation parking pass will be allowed on campus that day - each graduate will receive one parking pass for the parking lots next to the gym.

• The University of Hawaii will allow vehicles to park in their campus lots that day (for a small fee). The closest lot is at the UH Biomedical Science building - which is adjacent to our football field (the site of our graduation ceremony). The pedestrian gate between that lot and our campus will open at 3:00 that day.

• University Avenue Baptist Church will also allow vehicles to park in their lot (for a small fee). This lot is located at the corner of University Avenue and Kaala Street.

• There is street parking in the neighborhood surrounding the Mid-Pacific campus.

Will there be assistance for people who have difficulty walking?

• Yes, we will have school personnel in golf carts available to assist anybody who has difficulty walking - including those on wheelchairs. You'll just need to wave at them as if you're catching a taxi.

Do you have handicapped parking?

• Yes, we do have a few handicapped parking spaces available - graduates have the option of exchanging their regular parking pass for a handicapped pass. An official state handicap placard must be clearly displayed along with our graduation parking pass.

However, the best place to park for those who have difficulty walking is in the UH Biomedical Science building parking lot mentioned above. That lot is much closer to the seating area, and is a much easier walk than from the gym parking lot.

What if I don't have a ticket to graduation?

• The graduation tickets are for the seats in the reserved seating section only. There will also be ample space on the field to sit or stand with good views of the stage in the non-reserved areas of the field. Beach chairs, umbrellas and signs are only allowed in these non-reserved areas, and will not be allowed inside the reserved seating section.

Where can people on wheelchairs sit?

• In the reserved seating section, we ask that people on wheelchairs sit at the end of the rows. There is ample room for wheelchairs to get in and out of this area. Please do not block the center aisle - this is where the graduates will walk through on their way to/from the stage. In the non-reserved areas, people on wheelchairs can sit anywhere they want.

Am I allowed to stand near the stage to take pictures?

Guests are asked to refrain from leaving their seats to take pictures. No one will be allowed to stand in the aisles or in front of the stage at anytime during the ceremony.

How can I locate the graduates after the ceremony?

• After the ceremony, the graduates will walk off the stage and position themselves under large signs on the field corresponding to the first letter of their last names.