Celebrate Diversity Month

April 26, 2017 11:49 AM

In honor of Celebrate Diversity Month in April, the Elementary School and English Language Development teachers organized a cultural activity together to celebrate the diversity of Mid-Pacific students from over 15 different countries. Students in grades 1-5 traveled from "Japan" to "China" to "South Korea" in the Elementary School cafeteria each with a passport in hand and received a stamp for each table they visited.

Before the event, the elementary students had discussed in class about traveling and what they needed to pack. They guessed "clothes", "plane ticket", "toiletries", and realized later that they needed a passport in order to go to a different country. They learned the importance of having a passport and sometimes a visa in order to travel.

Students were excited to practice their pronunciation of popular cartoon characters and endangered animals in Japan, China, and South Korea. It was a unique opportunity for the students to learn first-hand from the international students about the geography, animals, culture, food, and famous locations of their home countries. An elementary student showed her passport full of stamps, exclaiming "Look at how many stamps I have!"

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