2017 Globetrotters Club & Chinese Club Party

February 6, 2017 1:00 AM

The Globetrotters Club and Chinese Club celebrated the Chinese New Year together this year with various games and food. In honor of the different backgrounds and ethinicities of international students on campus, the club leaders designed four cultural tables.

The Chinese table cut and folded red envelopes known as lai see (Cantonese) or hóngbāo (Mandarin) and put strawberry candy inside. In China, people give away candy or money in the red envelopes that signify good luck and fortune.

At the Japanese table, two students competed against each other to transfer the most uncooked rice from one plate to another with chopsticks. Although the concept is very simple, the game actually proved difficult even for the students who use chopsticks daily.

At the Korean table, the students played ddakji, a traditional Korean game of folded paper tiles. One player throws the tile onto the table, trying to make the other player's tile flip over. Students had fun trying games from different cultures while sharing their culture at the same time.

The winners of the games were then treated to Chinese noodles, pork-filled buns known as manapua in Hawaii, and rice cakes. Students tested their taste buds by closing their eyes and seeing if they could guess which one was nian gao or traditional Chinese rice cake, chi chi dango or sweet Japanese rice flour dessert, and butter mochi.

IMG_4412 (1).JPG

Chinese Red Envelopes

IMG_4411 (1).JPG

Rice & Chopsticks Game