2016-17 PueoPride Games of the Week - Quick Guide

August 18, 2016 8:07 PM

Aloha Mid-Pacific Student-Athletes,

Please click "READ MORE" for complete details on 2016-17 PueoPride Games of the Week!

Quick Guide regarding the PueoPride App

PueoPride App
If you are searching for this app on an iPhone, please use the search feature in the Apps.
If you are searching for this app on an iPad, please click on "iPhone Only" after clicking search in the Apps section. If there are any issues, please e-mail athletics@midpac.edu


1) Students in grades 6-12 can participate
2) Each PueoPride Game is worth 20 points.
3) ILH Championship and Senior Aloha Varsity Games is worth an amazing 50 points!

The point changes are to give everyone a chance to catch up especially if you miss the first couple games.

Register For An Account
Student-Athletes - please make sure to register a new account. All of the previous data has been erased.

New Leaderboard! *NEW to 2016-17*

DON'T GIVE UP!!! We will be giving prizes away to the top finishers in each of the sports seasons (fall, winter, and spring) and we will still give our major prizes to the overall winners for the 2016-17 school year at the Athletic Awards Ceremony.

Check-In to Games

Check-in at Games - make sure to check the schedule to see which games we are featuring as PueoPride Games of the Week. There will be four or five games per week. To check-in, click on the schedule game, and hit check-in on the top right hand corner. Please remember that you can only check in once the game has started.
If you are having issues with checking in, please see one of the Athletic Department staff members at the game site. If there is not an athletic staff member present, take a picture at the game and send it to athletics@midpac.edu or saoyagi@midpac.edu

ROSTERS! *New to 2016-17*

NEW TO 2016-17! Rosters will be uploaded to the PueoPride app! See what jersey number is your best friend on the court! Cheer them on!

PueoPride Picture of the Week - 10 points (Instagram)

Earn the PueoPride Picture of the Week and an additional 10 points by taking the best "action" or "selfie" of the week at the PueoPride Games! Please remember to tag @Mid_Pacific_Athletics and use #PueoPride. You can also DM your pictures to our instagram account.