2016 Waseda Jitsugyo Summer Program

July 31, 2016 9:13 AM

This summer, Mid-Pacific Institute initiated its first summer extended learning program with its partner school, Waseda Jitsugyo after establishing a partnership in spring 2016. Waseda is known for its first-class education in Japan, from primary and secondary education at Waseda Jitsugyo and post-secondary education at Waseda University.

Eight elementary students from Waseda Jitsugyo participated in the one-week student program from July 25-29 with lessons in English Language Development, Theatre, Ukulele, and Storytelling/Creative puppetry. While developing their communication skills through the theatrical and musical components of the program, students learned how to express themselves through the use of puppets as a tool to create their own versions of familiar stories in English.

Parents also had the opportunity to participate in a separate adult program designed with lessons in English Language Development, Hula, and Ukulele. Parents enjoyed being able to improve their English proficiency, and learn about the basic history and cultural significance of the art of Hula and Hawaiian music. At the end of the week, students and parents both showcased their learning in a combined performance and were impressed with each other's growth and development.

Click here to view photos: http://gallery.midpac.edu/Campus-Scene/Waseda-Jitsugyo-Summer-2016/