2nd Yonago Hokuto Junior High School Exchange

March 23, 2016 3:09 PM

Principal Akira Yamauchi, 46 students, and 5 teachers from Yonago Hokuto Junior High School visited Mid-Pacific on March 4, 2016. Like the previous year, students were able to experience a cultural exchange through presentations, performances, and a campus tour.

The Japanese students presented their research projects on famous sights and food in Totttori Prefecture. We learned that Tottori Prefecture shares similar characterstics with Hawaii like volcanoes, shrines, and fresh seafood. In exchange, Mid-Pacific students from the historical preservation class presented their latest project, a 3D scan of the Coronation Pavilion at Iolani Palace.

After the sweet harmony of the Yonago Hokuto chorus filled Bakken Auditorium, Mid-Pacific jazz band students also performed, delivering the message that music is borderless, and can touch the hearts of many, even across different countries.

Yonago Hokuto 3.jpg

Mid-Pacific Historic Preservation

Yonago Hokuto 2.jpg

Mid-Pacific Intermediate Jazz Band

Yonago Hokuto 1.jpg

Yonago Hokuto Presentations

Yonago Hokuto 4.jpg

Yonago Hokuto Chorus