Shijiazhuang Foreign Language School Visit 2

February 2, 2016 9:42 AM

Twenty-one middle school students and two teachers from Shijiazhuang Foreign Language School in China visited on February 1st. The teachers were able to see project-based inquiry in action during their campus tour, while the students were able to get a taste of high school life in America by shadowing a local 9th grade student for half the day.

The local students brought their guests to their Mandarin I class, where they did a Human Bingo activity together, introducing themselves and exchanging questions in Chinese. The local students enjoyed having the opportunity to practice their listening and speaking skills with native Mandarin speakers in class.

Many of the visiting students seemed to feel more motivated to go abroad after experiencing the variety of teaching styles in the U.S. They also found Mid-Pacific to be very attractive for its beautiful campus and did a questionnaire about the air quality in Hawaii to compare with the air quality of their hometown, Shijizahuang.


Shijiazhuang 1.JPG

Shijiazhuang 2.JPG