Mid-Pacific Tennis Helps Clean Beach Park

November 25, 2015 12:35 PM

Mid-Pacific Tennis Program members and their families gave their time and energy to help clean up Ala Moana/Magic Island Beach Park. Their efforts were part of the Matson Ka Ipu 'Aina (Container for the Land) community service beach cleanup on November 14.

Director of Tennis Chanon Alcon says, "It provided a wonderful opportunity for families from all the tennis seasons - intermediate, junior varsity, and varsity - to meet and bond while performing a great service for the park community."

He explains: "With numerous beach and park goers, giving them positive feedback, the Mid-Pacific tennis students gained valuable insight into the benefits of altruism and learned some important lessons about their personal and social responsibilities in caring for the land we call paradise."

The tennis program's community service is an example of the kind of outreach Athletic Director Scott Wagner has emphasized.