2015 International Education Week

November 24, 2015 4:51 PM

Mid-Pacific students and teachers celebrated International Education Week through collaboration and innovation. Different classes worked together including: Spanish + Dance, English Language Development (ELD) + Elementary School, Dance + Orchestra.

The high school Spanish classes kicked off the week with a Salsa y Salsa Event, where students brought homemade salsa for a tasting competition and learned how to dance the salsa with dance students. The students and parents had fun learning more about the food and dance of Hispanic culture.

Throughout the week, international students visited the elementary school to share photos of family traditions and customs in their home countries. In exchange, the Kindergarten to 5th graders showed and talked about their lifestyle in Hawaii.

The week ended with an interpretive dance to an instrumental version of Kealii Reichel's Maunaleo performed by the Middle School Dance class and members of the Advanced Orchestra. The piece became alive with the addition of Kumu Hula Lanakila's vocal and provided a unique opportunity for the dancers and musicians to learn how to be in sync with each other's movements.

Click to view more information about International Education Week and photo gallery: http://www.midpac.edu/news/2015/11/international-education-week.php