Yifu Primary School Visit

October 1, 2015 2:13 PM

The principal, vice principal, and five elementary school teachers from Yifu Primary School of Xuhui District in Shanghai, China came to visit on September 28th to learn more about our teaching style at Mid-Pacific. Founded in 1998, Yifu Primary School is known for its varied curriculum including calligraphy, ceramics, art, band, science, and technology.

Upon seeing Mid-Pacific's facilities, the teachers were impressed by the innovative use of space, especially in the kindergarten classrooms, Wood Hall, and Weinberg Technology Plaza. It was a learning experience for them to see the way our students can move around in class and are not contained in the traditional lecture classroom setting.

The day ended with a roundtable discussion in which we were able to share each other's views on 21st century education, talking about the interaction between teachers and students, and the integration of technology into the curriculum. The teachers found it interesting how education in the U.S. is more focused on the learning aspect of students; whereas in China, education is focused more so on the teaching aspect.

Visitors from Yifu Primary School

Students learning math with money

Teachers looking at an elementary textbook