Call for Clients (Parents) / High School IB-ITGS Class Projects

October 21, 2015 11:04 AM

Dear Mid-Pacific 'ohana,

Each year, one of the criteria requirements for our high school IB-ITGS (Information Technology in a Global Society) course is an Internal Assessment referred to as the ITGS Project. Our students need to connect with a client that requires a computer based, Information Technology (IT) solution for a real-life problem.

Examples of past projects have included but are not limited to:

• instructional videos
• website development
• database to help organize large quantities of information
• desktop published booklets or marketing materials
• interactive iBook that informs, teaches, or promotes
• game or app development (limited)
• custom scripted MS Excel spreadsheets for math or science related applications

The student's job is to help the client find a workable solution and the client's job is to answer questions that would allow the student to best prepare the solution. Throughout the process, the student will interact with the client to be sure that the work meets the expectations of the client.

The final product should be something that you will actually use, even after the student has graduated. This work is not simply for a grade, it is intended to actually be of help to you.

Rest assured that the client is not asked to grade the student at any time. The only paperwork is towards the end of the process when a short questionnaire needs to be filled out concerning whether or not the product solved your problem.

Client requirements include:
• to allow for a short formal interview to launch the project
• to answer emails in order to provide the student with information and details that will allow him or her to prepare the solution
• to be available to meet with the student in order to provide feedback about the solution as the work progresses
If you think you are interested in becoming an ITGS IT Client, we want to get started as soon as possible (we have a Feb. 26th, 2016 deadline). If you are not interested but know someone who might be, I would be grateful if you could forward this email or provide me with their contact information. If you have questions about the process or what would be expected of you, feel free to contact me.

Thanking you in advance,
Bob McIntosh