2015 Globetrotters Club: Okinawan Festival

September 8, 2015 8:30 AM

Mid-Pacific's Globetrotters Club celebrated its first event of the year on September 6th at the 33rd Okinawan Festival at Kapiolani Park. Over 45 students from the club volunteered in the Andagi booth, helping to package and sell the sweet deep-fried Okinawan doughnuts. It was a great opportunity for the students at the front to practice their English listening and speaking skills, and use their math skills to count the scripts.

Hawaii is home to the largest and oldest Okinawan community outside of Okinawa, and you can see why the Okinawan Festival was recently named the "Best Cultural Festival in Hawaii" by Honolulu Star Advertiser's Hawaii's Best of 2015, because Okinawans highly value their traditional performing arts including kumi udui (dance), sanshin (music), eisa (folk dance), and shishimai (lion dance).

At Mid-Pacific, we have two international students from Okinawa, and one of them was so happy that tears were in her eyes when she was able to see, smell, hear, and taste all the things she missed. It can be difficult for international students to overcome culture shock and homesickness. But at least here in the islands, you can easily find Japanese, Chinese, and Korean food and cultural activities because Hawaii is a melting pot of cultures.

Globetrotters Club volunteers

Working hard in the Andagi Booth

Packaging the Andagi

Andagi Express Cart

Shishimai Lion Dance