Kupu Kupu Fern

August 26, 2015 12:08 PM

During the first week of chapel, chaplain Kahu Wendell Davis shared the story behind the kupu kupu fern, which is known for its ability to grow and sprout abundantly. At Mid-Pacific, the kupu kupu fern represents our students as they grow into adults with the skill set they need for the 21st century.

The Kawaiahao Seminary and Mills Institute joined forces to become Mid-Pacific Institute in 1908. Since then, Mid-Pacific Institute has grown to become an educational leader as the first school in the state of Hawaii to implement innovative programs in the arts and technology.

Like the kupu kupu fern, kupu hou means to sprout and grow anew in the Hawaiian language. Kupu hou was the inspiration of our Kupu Hou Academy, which offers workshops designed to support teachers looking to grow their own skills to teach project and inquiry-based learning.

At Mid-Pacific, we are committed to the challenge of better preparing our students for the 21st century by incorporating technology into the curriculum. After the chapel talk, the 7th/8th international students applied their own skills to relate themselves to the kupu kupu fern. You can see the creativity of our students in the beautiful self-portraits they created in their ELD class.