HS: Important Course Registration Tips

February 13, 2015 8:38 PM

High School: Please review the following to avoid problems registering for classes:

1) Sign in with student's username and password. Make sure student is completely signed out of myPueo and logged out of NetClassroom.

2) Log in AFTER your designated time. You will not be able to see the Enter Request screen if you log in before the designated time.

3) After you enter your course seletions, take a screen shot of your selections.

4) When completed, hit the SUBMIT button ONCE. IF YOU HIT IT MORE THAN ONCE, YOU WILL RECEIVE AN ERROR. If you hit the back/forward buttons, you will receive an error.

5) If you continue to receive ERRORS, email the screen shot of your selections to mypueo@midpac.edu. We will confirm the classes.

6) Once you hit SUBMIT, your classes will be re-sorted by ID number. This is correct.

If you run into problems, call 808-973-5043 or 808-973-5032 or email mypueo@midpac.edu.