Preschool & Elementary Progress Portfolios & Conferences: Important Email Coming!

December 11, 2014 11:43 PM

Important Reminders about Upcoming Conferences
Our students have been immersed in very focused work on self-assessment and reflections on their learning, the compilation of e-portfolios, and preparations for the student-teacher-parent conferences on December 15-16.

All of the assessment reporting and e-portfolios are sent to parents electronically. Parents, as reminder:

• Curriculum summaries for art, music, and physical education have been posted on the teachers' respective blog sites (Jordan Guillory, Jill Johnson, Sarahlea Kekuna, and Bruce Black). Curriculum summaries for character education (Lori Abe and Shirley Rivera) will be emailed with brief comments for each student.

You will be receiving an email from your child's classroom teacher this Friday, sometime after 12:00pm. This email will contain the pdf's for your child's performance continua in reading, writing, math, and inquiry.

• The classroom teacher will also indicate what time your child's e-portfolio is ready for your review. You should go to the Evernote website (if viewing from a desktop or laptop), or grades 3-5 parents can view on your child's iPad. You will need to enter your child's username, which is your child's MPI email address), and your child's user name. Your child can provide you this information. Look for the notebook entitled "Portfolio 14-15." This is your child's official progress portfolio. You can view entries under categories by content -- reading, writing, math, inquiry, art, physical education, music, character education -- and all entries related to that content area will come up.

• Specialists will send an email with pdf's for performance continua in art, music, and physical education.

• Parents, you have homework to complete! You and your child will have a richer, more meaningful conference session with the teacher if you take time to review all the continua and e-portfolio with your child PRIOR to the conference. Reviewing the content before the conference will enable you to have a discussion with the teacher and your child about the quality and evidence of learning, and an opportunity to ask questions.

Set aside some time this weekend at home to review portions of the e-portfolio rather than trying to do everything in one sitting. I suggest first looking at an e-portfolio area with your child, for example, inquiry. To your child: Why did you choose this entry? What do you want me to pay special attention to? What are you most proud of in this entry? What's something you could have done better? Then look carefully at the inquiry performance continua and discuss your child's placement on the continua. Pay attention to your child's written or aural reflections. If you can set aside time for shared discussion with your child prior to your scheduled conference, you can truly celebrate your child's progress at the meeting! Every child has made progress over time.

The specialists are also available for conferences. Please email the specialist(s) you would like to see with your child so that there is confirmed meeting time. The learning in art, music, physical education, and character education complements your child's learning in reading, writing, math, and inquiry, and provides insights about your child as a learner.

Elementary Parents: Your child is required to attend the conference with you.

Preschool Parents: The conference is only for parents and teachers.

The student-parent-teacher conferences are important culminating, celebratory events along your child's development as a learner. We are pleased to provide these learning opportunities for you and your child.