UNICEF Sale Tomorrow and Thursday

October 21, 2014 4:20 PM

Dear Mid-Pacific families,
We are going to have a sale for UNICEF this Wednesday, Oct 22, and Thursday, Oct 23, during morning recess. On Wednesday, Ms. Hitomi, Mrs. Bailie, Mrs. LeBlanc, 3/4, and 5th grade classes will be coming to the sale. On Thursday, Mrs. Matsumoto, Mrs. Leventhal, Ms. Revard, 3/4, and 5th grade classes will be coming to the sale.
You can bring $5 or less on each day. [We do not have enough change in our change boxes if people bring $20 bills...One helpful tip is to put your child's $5 in a clear ziploc sandwich bag with his name on it.] We will be selling lots of cool things!
All the money we make will go to help UNICEF so children all over the world can have clean water, medicine, food, and shelter. Thank you for your support!
Thank you!!!!
The 3/4 classes
Wednesday (sold by Ms. Holzman and Mrs. Montes' classes)
Melona bars $1.50
Otterpops $.50, $2.50
Bean bag game $.25/toss
Flavored water $.50/cup
Hand sanitizer $2
Smores in a bag $2
Rahrah Ribbon hair bows $2, $3
Gatorade $2
Pokemon cards $.50, $1, $1.50
Bowling game $1
Stressballs $1
Bracelets $1.50
Yogurt parfait $1.50
Snowglobes $2, $2.50
Thursday (sold by Ms. Byrne's and Mrs. Masa's classes)
Icee $2
Massage ($1/min)
Yoyo water balloon game $1.50
Books $1.50, $2
Halloween tattoos $.50
Oreos $1.50
Duct tape bags $1.50
Cinnamon and salt pretzels $1
Mini pumpkins $2, $3, decorate your own $3, $4
Pokemon cards
Ice cream $1.50
Stressballs $1.50
Flubber $1.50
Toys $1
Magic performances $1
Otterpops $.50
Loom band bracelets $1
Magic stones $1
Wooden airplanes $1

E Kūlia Kākou
Let's strive and aspire together
Lori Abe
Character Education - Elementary