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Inquiry Walk

Posted on October 20, 2017

by Kelly Tokuhama on October 20, 2017

Earlier this week, we took our first walking trip around part of the elementary campus. The students decided that for this walking trip it was more important to take their iPads instead of their inquiry journals. It was unanimous that having iPads to take pictures would be very useful as the students made their observations.

We first visited our elementary play structure, and the students looked for things that made this a special place to them. Some students gravitated toward familiar spaces, while others changed their point of view by taking pictures of things above and below their head level. Many of them also got creative and zoomed in on certain objects and spaces to create a different perspective for others to see.







Next we walked to the front of the elementary campus and made some observations of the large grassy hill (which the class has just named "Aloha Hill" because of the word aloha written on it). The students were excited to see mountains, dirt paths, tree tops, and other views they don't normally see from the ground level. Many students went straight to the "aloha" sign and smiley face on the hill and took several pictures of it. One student in particular also took note of the digging spot that Kahu pointed out to our elementary students at a special assembly a few weeks ago. Others observed the new flags that were put up at the school's entrance, trees they hadn't noticed before, and the unfamiliar playground on the other side of the fence.





Our last visit was a short walk to this playground, known as Kamanele Park. It was our first of many future visits here, and the students were mesmerized by the environment around them. Some students were in discussion about Mid-Pacific's president, Dr. Turnbull's house, and the pumpkins on his steps. Another group of students were busy looking at the large trees and rocks placed throughout the park.





This park visit was a fairly quiet one, as the students just looked and observed, taking in the newness of this environment. They also collected pictures of things they observed in the sky, on the ground, plants and rocks in the area, the play structure, places to sit, and the large open space.


Our inquiry walk was a great introduction into exploring the places around us, and the significance behind them. The students captured many meaningful pictures and made some important connections with them. It looks like we already have some talented photographers in our class! We are excited to talk about the pictures we captured, make more observations and inquiries, and revisit these places again soon.

Upcoming Dates:

  • Friday, Oct. 27- UNICEF sale (children may bring $5 or less in a ziploc bag/envelope with their name; products are priced in $1 increments)
  • Monday, Oct. 30- pumpkin carving activity (refer to our Sign-Up Genius on ways you can help!)

  • Tuesday, Oct. 31- Spooktivity (please join us in the gym at 12:45pm)