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All About Pumpkins!

Posted on October 30, 2017

by Kelly Tokuhama on October 30, 2017

Earlier this week we had our class pumpkin carving activity. The students were asked to make several predictions about their pumpkins before cutting into them:

How tall do you think your pumpkin is?

What do you think the circumference of your pumpkin is?

What do you think is the best tool to measure your pumpkin?

They were also asked to make a simple hypothesis about which pumpkin they thought had the most seeds inside. Students used prior knowledge from other pumpkin carving experiences, made predictions off of size and weight, or drew conclusions from discussions with their partners. Through their discussions and observations, the students came up with several guesses:




Next, we collected our data as we explored the inside of our pumpkins. The students selected their own measuring tools and applied different counting strategies to investigate their initial activity questions. Some students chose to measure with unifix cubes and rulers, while others found that the flexible rulers were a little easier to measure with.






The students were very surprised to find out that this year, the largest pumpkin had the most seeds! Lyndon and Minato's pumpkin had a total of 609 seeds! In our class discussions, many students shared that smaller pumpkins typically have more seeds than larger ones. However, this time was a little different. Many of the adults were also surprised to see fewer seeds inside the pumpkins as they predicted!

Our pumpkin carving activity was a great activity to incorporate a variety of skills and content. Thank you so much, parents, for your help today- the carvings came out great!








Spooktivity was also a great success, and the students enjoyed dressing up, walking in the parade, and getting treats from different parts of campus. It has been such a fun a festive week at Mid-Pacific!



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