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Numbers, numbers, everywhere!

Posted on August 24, 2017

by Kelly Tokuhama on August 24, 2017

Throughout the first two weeks of school, our students have learned that numbers exist everywhere! We see them in our classroom, at home, in the grocery store... and they come in many different forms.

As a class we explored two basic questions:

"Where can we find numbers?"

"How can we represent numbers in different ways?"

Here are some student recorded responses we got from our discussion:


We recorded these responses and created individual posters to express our "Math About Me." For these posters, the students chose four to six different numbers that were meaningful to them. Some students chose the number of their sports jersey, their birth month, their bedtime, the number of favorite books they have, the number of pets they have, how many people are in their family, and even the year they were born. They discovered that the options to choose from were endless!

After choosing their numbers, the students were then challenged to represent their numbers in several different ways. Through our discussion, we learned that we can represent numbers beyond their numeral form. The students shared that number representation can also be found in the form of time, number words, using place value blocks, in number sentences and equations, money, drawing pictures, making tally marks, and more.









Once the posters were finished, the students were eager to share their "Math About Me" numbers with their peers. This allowed them to learn more about each other in a personal way through numbers!






Perhaps you can help your child find numbers throughout their communities and discover how to represent numbers in different ways, too!

Upcoming dates:

  • August 31st: Open House (we will begin at 6:00 pm in the Dining Hall)