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Be the Change

Posted on October 6, 2017

by Eric Royo on October 6, 2017

What a busy week we've had in Manu-O-Ku 13. Donations from our coin drive came pouring in from the school community. The class was overwhelmed with how much support the campaign received and spent much of the week just sorting and counting money. While there is still some counting to do, they have so far raised over $400! What an amazing job our students have done. We will now send our donations to the YMCA of Houston as well as the Red Cross in Puerto Rico and Florida.

Counting coins

Sorting coins

That's a lot of love!

Real connections

One of the reasons the class started this coin drive was to address the needs of people in these storm-stricken places. As a result, caring for others became an ongoing theme for discussion in our classroom. To develop a deeper understanding of this theme, the class had an opportunity to talk with a Houstonian about their experience during the storm. A good friend of mine, Tony, took time to answer questions from students via Skype. He lives in the heart of the Houston and saw firsthand the effects of the flood. He gave an eyewitness account of what happened during and after the storm and showed video he took of some of the flooding that occurred.

Speaking with a Houstonian

Stop the Press

Our story made the news! Word of our coin drive reached KITV 4 Island News. They aired the story Thursday morning and highlighted some of our students collecting donations during auto line. Please view the video below. Way to go Manu-O-Ku 13!