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Something to Believe In

Posted on October 20, 2017

by Eric Royo on October 20, 2017

Hello, Families,

What an amazing week we've had in Manu-O-Ku 13. Much of the week was spent preparing for our presentation at the assembly. I was very proud of the way the class remained poised and spoke with confidence as they shared their hard work with the school. Thank you to all who were able to attend. If you missed the presentation, please view the video below.

Throughout the week students were busy composing their talking points as well as putting together the slideshow for the presentation. We looked back at the documentation of the process we went through in order to get the campaign up and running. Students expressed that there was a lot of work they did as they reminisced on the preparation of the drive.


Practicing our lines

We also took a step back this week to reflect on the reason we even started a coin drive. Students chose a photo that we viewed at the beginning of ourmini-inquiry of the floods that provoked an emotional response. They then recreated that photo in the form of a painting and described what was happening in the photo and what emotions it made them feel and why. These pieces of art will be on display outside our classroom this week. Please stop by and see them if you have a chance.


Preparing our art exhibit


Reflective painting