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Posted on September 15, 2017

by Eric Royo on September 15, 2017

Reminders: We will be going to Hawaii Theater for Youth next Wednesday 9/20. Please have students wear their collard school uniform.

Hello, Families,

We are 5 weeks into the school year, and our class is having a great time exploring new ideas, creating community, and interacting with their learning environment. It was another week filled with wonder and adventure. Students have been working in small groups to engage with their peers and learn from each other.

Writer's workshop

This week's focus was on the writer's workshop process. To begin, students discused various topics to write about. They brainstormed and came up with ideas to share in their writing. Next, the class began their first draft of writing in their writer's notebook. The first draft allows them to get their ideas on paper without having to worry about the conventions of writing. Through written text, dialogue and drawings the kids are able to get in to a "flow" of creativity and let it all out. Once they have ideas down they begin the editing process. The skill for this week was the use of capitals and periods. During the editing part of the writing process students highlighted capitals and periods in their writing with colored pencils. This strategy gives them an opportunity to hold thermselves accountable for using the writing convention by actively engaing with their piece. Equally as important, it gives me an opportunity to assess students understanding of the skill. Next week students will continue the writing process with peer editing.

IMG_4340.JPGGroups brainstorming ideas

IMG_4338.JPGWriting first draft in writer's notebook

Comic Book Writing

In addition to our writer's workshop, students independently began to make comic books during their free time. In an effort to expand on this interest, as a group we talked about what makes a good comic book. The class discussed the idea of characters, setting, and story problems before attempting to create their own comic book stories. To give them further exposure, we began to read the graphic novel, Captain Underpants by Dave Pilkey. This book helped spark creative energy and aided students in structuring their comics. In the coming weeks they will continue to work on comic book writing.


Students peer writing a comic


Sharing their writing


This was quite a story!

Words this week: Students picked from a list of "high frequency" words to practice internalizing their spelling. Please see the list in their home folders and review with them throughout the week.