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At the Center of It All

Posted on August 25, 2017

by Eric Royo on August 25, 2017

Reminder: Open House, Thursday, 8/31, @ 6pm, dining room

Hello, Families,

What an exciting second week of school! Students are beginning to internalize routines, get to know their classmates and build a strong community together. The foundation that we lay early in the semester will be the backbone of support throughout the school year. Please ask your child about how they have been contributing to their class community.


This week students were introduced to centers. The children are given choices of 6 "stations" to work at with a small group of their peers. Each center has an activity that students can work on by themselves or with the group. This gives students the opportunity to explore materials and build concepts independently or with others. I circulate to each station in order to observe carefully or talk with students and question their reasoning for using materials in a particular way. This helps them reflect on the choices they make and deepen their understanding of the concepts formulated. The centers also allow students to learn from their peers and build upon one another's knowledge making learning authentic and more engaging.


Making designs at the chalk center


Building roller coasters at the marbles center


Self expression at the painting center


Inventive creations at the craft center


Discovery and wonder at the science center