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Veggies of Our Labor

Posted on May 12, 2017

by Eric Royo on May 12, 2017

Hello families,

Another marvelous week! I want to give a big THANK YOU to you all for showing me so much love during teacher appreciation week. You are all so thoughtful, and I am lucky to have you and your children in my class. Make a grown man wanna cry.


I appreciate being appreciated!

This week we teamed up with Mrs. Oserow's class to harvest all of our vegitables from our gardens. This was a great way for children to understand that plants are sources of food as they enjoyed the fruits of their own labor. Students were very excited to pull up the crops they have been growing for many weeks now. Each child helped to gather the various herbs, lettuce, tomatoes and mushrooms that flourished in our garden. They washed each piece carefully removing any unwanted dirt or creatures and enjoyed a fresh and healthy treat. The kids got an opportunity to make connections from their recent inquiry and the importance of plants in our world. They also were able to make in-depth observations of plant life cycles from seed to full adult. We then mixed all the veggies together to celebrate with a salad party. This also gave students a chance to try some new healthy foods that they grew themselves. There were mixed results, but I think we have some vegetable converts!


Picking crops


Careful to pick from the root


a decomposer


beautiful garden


The harvest


wash all the dirt away


A wonderful salad


bon appetit


Nice plate!




Mixed results