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Kite Day and Poetry in Motion

Posted on April 28, 2017

by Eric Royo on April 28, 2017

Hello, Families,

This week begins May, our last month of school. In our final few weeks of school, the class will be enjoying time with each other before they head off for the summer. Some of that enjoyment started today at Kite Day! What a wonderful time we had. The sky was filled with beautiful colors as kids raced up and down the field trying to get their kites in the air. This hundred-yea- old tradition helps students feel part of a legacy. They know that Mid Pacific students for generations have engaged in Kite day and they are now part of that history.


Go fly a kite!


partners in flying


Colors and personality


It's not the size of the kite that matters but how it flies


ceremonial tunnel by the middle school


up and away!


an icy treat to end the event


Manu-O-Ku 13

Poem in your pocket

This week was also "poem-in-your-pocket day." To prepare for the event, we read poems as a class from, A Light in the Attic by Shel Silverstein. This book is a favorite of many students who have independently read the poems in their free time. While reading the book aloud, students pointed out that there were "many colorful words" and that the poems "made a picture in my mind." We had a discussion about some of the ways a poet uses words to create mental images and express feelings. The students then looked through poetry books to find a poem that "spoke" to them. They talked about the words in the poem that made them think of feelings. One student found the word "sink" and said it made her "think about being sad." Students then had the option of creating their own poems. Some students wrote "ME" poems where they listed words to describe themselves. Others wrote "List" poems where they chose a topic and then wrote words to describe that topic. Some students chose to copy their favorite poem to use for Poem-in-Your-Pocket Day. They read the poems to their friends and teachers. We really have some poetic minds in this class.


Books of poetry


Reading Shel Silverstein poems


A poem in his pocket


An original piece about dancing

Reminders: May Day Friday May 5th. I need a few volunteers to help students change into their costumes. Please email me if you can help.