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Gotta Have a Habitat!

Posted on April 7, 2017

by Eric Royo on April 7, 2017

This week was all about habitats. The class took a walk to Wailele and field at the highschool. They were very excited to see fish, turtles, birds and insects all interacting and co-exsisting. They took pictures and made sketches of the different habitats and ecosystems that provided support for these animals. They were guided to observe the many ways the animals used their environment to survive.





Once back in the class, students used their sketches, pictures, notes from books and videos to plan a habitat poster with their animal groups. Students decided what animals would be in their poster, what food they would eat and how they would keep warm. Once the groups planned out their poster, they began to use art materials to represent their habitat. By having students use their past observations to create the poster, it allowed them to reflect on their learning and make meaning of the information. The next step is for students to create a terrarium after their visit to the Nature Center next week.




Reminder: Nature Center trip Wednesday April 12. Please send a bag lunch with disposable water bottle. Kids who receive school lunch will get a bag lunch from the cafeteria.

Other items to bring: hiking shoes, small backpack, sunscreen and bug spray(applied before arrival to school), MPI shirt(can be t-shirt)