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The Secret Life of Plants

Posted on April 15, 2017

by Eric Royo on April 15, 2017

What a wonderful week of learning! After much discussion about the relationship between animals and their habitats, students began to notice the importance of plants in the environment. Some students recognized that plants provide animals with food, while otheres noticed that plants and trees were used as homes. To help students further understand the role plants play in an environment, we decided to grow a class garden.


Outside of our classroom you may notice a planter box filled with various types of vegetables. Students placed soil and planted the different veggies so they can get a better understanding of how plants grow and provide an environment with food. Over the next few weeks they will help care for the plants as well as make observations of the changes that occur. At the end of the year we will harvest the vegitables and have a salad party! If you would like to donate any food-bearing plants to our garden, please let me know.





This week the class also took a field trip to the Hawaiian Nature Center for a hands-on experience with a rainforest habitat and the various systems that help keep it alive. While hiking through the rainforest, our guide helped students notice that each plant, insect, animal and water source are all working together to help this habitat flourish. Students collected materials throughout the hike, which were used to make a terrarium. The students will be able to observe the terrarium in our class to see how the different parts work together to keep the habitat system going. This hands-on experience will give students a chance to make connections to the animals they are studying and the habitats in which they live.